Timeline of Gene Therapy

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Future of Gene Therapy: There are endless opportunities for the technique of gene therapy. Though it is currently a semi-new topic, scientists discover new criterion every day. Through the successes and failures of gene therapy experimental trials, scientists come steps closer to finding a proper cure for genetic disorders, providing hope for those with the disorders, as well as their families. 


(Citation 17)

Gene Therapy: A Radical New Approach

When Gene Therapy was first introduced, scientists believed that this simple idea would become a revolutionary technique. However with the first successful treatment (Ashanti DeSilva) lasting only for a few months and a death caused by gene therapy (Jesse Gelsinger)  the idea seemed to fizzle out and scientists admitted that they had become too optimistic. Fortunately, many scientist stuck to this idea of gene therapy and today gene therapy has become one of the most intriguing and researched fields of biotechnology.

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